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Air Decompression Course

We began our adventure at surface depth, making our way down gradually, gaining specific licences and most of all the necessary experience, down to 39 metres, the deepest recommended for recreational activities. But that's not all: while abiding by the rules which have always distinguished us as diligent and responsible divers, we have always remained within the safety curve; in practice, we have never performed a decompression.
However, a decompression phase always takes place during all dives: going back up! All the experts in this industry agree in stating that, if this concept were better understood and disclosed, episodes of DCS (decompression sickness) in recreational diving would probably be cut down drastically.
Indeed, were recreational divers to be more careful on their way up, strictly respecting the ascent speed, with the same care with which a technical diver performs decompression in steps, the possibility of large bubbles forming in the organism would drop dramatically.
Why not apply the skill and care used in technical diving to recreational diving activities? Why not try to find a way to exploit our resources better, guaranteeing more fun in equal conditions of safety?
The purpose of the course, which covers three theory modules and includes three dives, is to enable the pupil to go on dives with decompression.
No specific equipment for technical diving is required to take this course, but the use of your own recreational equipment is envisaged.

NASE Tek Decompression Course

A "technical" diver is not a madman attempting to challenge his physical abilities without criteria just to go "deeper", but rather an excellent connoisseur of techniques and of his own limits, a careful organiser of dives which, while on the one hand appearing to be more dangerous than others, are in fact marked by attentive planning which envisages and implements specific and meticulous safety procedures.
With this course, we will be able to extend the depth limit of our dives to 50 metres, acquiring techniques and skills in decompression procedures. A dive that should be taken with skill, severity and attentiveness.

From this year, we will be the only diving facility on this island to organise dives, refilling and technical courses with all types of mixes:
Heliox, Nitrox, Oxygen, Trimix.

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