The Isola del Giglio diving club is located on the namesake island, the pearl of the Tuscan Archipelago.
The club is associated with the best Diving Teaching Methods on the market: NASE, NASE TEK, FIAS, FIPSAS, PADI,  APNEA ACADEMY.

This year, we are offering a host of new features. We are the first and only Diving club on the island to go out on technical and refilling dives with Helium, Oxygen, Nitrox and Trimix, with the possibility - for those wishing to start the thrilling adventure of technical dives - of taking NASE TEK courses.

An array of recreational courses with a large number of specialities, professional licences to allow you to pursue our very own career, underwater photography courses with professional photographers Fabio Carnovale and Maurizio Ulisse, underwater fishing and free diving courses, day and night diving, full day diving in Giannutri Island park, in the natural area of the Formiche di Grosseto and the charming Secca di Mezzo Canale (one of the most beautiful dives in the Mediterranean): all this and more, only at Diving Isola del Giglio.

The Diving Isola del Giglio club invites you to discover a new way to dive underwater: filled with fun, in total safety and with maximum environmental friendliness in mind.



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